MOOCs: Know your enemy

The extent to which MOOCs or their offspring will make the classroom obsolete may depend in part on how clever such courses become in the future. For some, adaptive teaching on a mass scale is the Holy Grail of distance education, a scenario in which nifty programming and big data allow courses to adjust to students’ abilities and online behaviour. MOOC platforms’ data-mining is not yet up to the task, warn Ms Holland and Ms Tirthali, as common standards are lacking and privacy laws are an obstacle. The amounts of data that will be needed are also daunting. But if the technology can be made to work, MOOCs could be superseded one day by what some are calling “personalised open online courses”. To misquote the New York Times, might we soon be having a “year of the POOC”?


elearning sekarang kurang pamor…

MOOC sedang naik daun dan

POOC akan datang?

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