Bagaimana Tugas Seorang Desainer Pembelajaran

bagaimana tugas seorang designer dalam mendesain pembelajaran (instructional design) bagi Teknolog Pembelajaran? Kali ini kami mengutip sumber dari riset studi kasus di Australia. Berikut kami sajikan versi aslinya. Silakan memahami versi Inggris biar tidak salah persepsi.

Current Role of Educational Designers

Educational designers at Southern Cross are classified as academic staff and are no longer project managers of the development of course materials. Project management and quality assurance of course materials occurs in the academic faculties who retain a high level of ownership of these processes. Educational designers now consult, when requested, on all aspects of the teaching and learning process, whether in face-to-face settings or in distance mode. In some universities educational design staff may be classified as academic or professional staff or even a mixture of the two within the same team. The tensions arising in these circumstances are further explored in Chapter II.

The following model has been developed at the Teaching and Learning Centre at Southern Cross to represent the flexible learning cycle and the various points in which educational designers can offer their expertise. It is a model that extends most conventional curriculum models by the inclusion of student support and the development of learning resources, reflecting an integrated flexible delivery philosophy.

Educational designers provide support at all points in the quality cycle (also known as Pathways to Good Practice) in the following ways:

  1. Designing and re-designing units: Educational designers continue to provide support to academic staff in all aspects of the design of units, with a particular focus on the constructive alignment of the curriculum (Biggs, 1999), the appropriate use of technology, and sound assessment practices which support meaningful learning.
  2. Developing and producing resources: Educational designers consult with course authors about best practice in writing and developing educational resources. They provide support about structure, style, use of media, and best use of communication
      Figure 1. Intersection of roles between academic developers and educational designers
    Figure 1. Intersection of roles between academic developers and educational designers  Figure 2. Flexible learning quality cycle at Southern Cross University (
    Figure 2. Flexible learning quality cycle at Southern Cross University (

    technologies. Feedback is often provided on drafts of work for inexperienced writers.

  3. Teaching: Individual staff often consult educational designers about appropriate teaching practices, particularly in the context of distance education. This includes establishing and facilitating distributed communities of learners and fostering interaction at a distance.
  4. Assessing learning: Apart from the design of assessment tasks, educational designers consult on the process of quality assessment including developing good marking criteria, communicating and supporting assessment tasks, marking and grading, academic integrity and plagiarism, and authenticating student work.
  5. Supporting students: Educational design staff have developed particular expertise in the support of distance learners, and offer advice on possibilities such as the appropriate use of technology, residential schools, travelling workshops and distance mentoring schemes (Morgan & Smit, 2001).
  6. Evaluating and reviewing: Educational designers provide advice on all feedback mechanisms for unit and course reviews, and provide input to the review process. Support is also offered to enable staff to gather and interpret evaluation data and ways in which units and courses can be improved.

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